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A portal for Novice and Hardcore PC gamers! Designing Quality Customized PCs for Gaming or Home & Business Computing! Certified Professional Services with an Established Reputation in Merritt since 2001. Experts in Hardware Customization, Operating System Optimization and Internet Security! Our senior technician has 37 years of experience as a Certified Professional Business Computer Programmer.

your Games-Workshop Exclusive Dealer in Merritt and the Nicola Valley.

We love Classic Games and Hobbies such as Plastic Modeling, HO Scale Railroading, Slot and RC Racing, miniature Tabletop Armies locked in battle & Drone Flying! We have a great selection of popular brands available, including table top activities such as house games, plastic modeling and hobbycraft space. AMAZING DISCOUNT PRICING on all models!

More people everyday are discovering our unique collection of Genuine TV & Film Artifacts, Famous Autographs & Collectibles from the lower mainland, gathered from FANeXpo and Hollywood North. Our Computer Centre in Merritt, BC is a Great Place for Science Fiction & Fantasy items. Most things here are for sale or trade, if the price is right! We offer huge discounts on all Minitures, Classic Games and many other nerdy things.

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