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VIPRE 2015 Evergreen 728x90


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Here is our story... Until 2005 we had been loyal to one of the oldest providers for anti-virus, anti-spam, security and system tools. There were many sacrifices made for this loyalty, such as, adding startup processes, blue screens and just the occasional freeze from glitchy background processes. Only with advanced tweaking, here and there, could the system become stable. If we did recommend it to others for their security, it was always with the added, "Let us set it up for you." and everything would run smoothly with a minumum of failures. It seemed only a few years ago we put together a powerful gaming computer that was intended to run with Microsoft®Windows X64 Pro, mostly to take advantage of 64bit processing. When we installed the usual security software, there was no joy, it did not support 64 bit operating systems. Grrr :( During some intense research we came across Sunbelt Software's VIPRE, that is compatible with 64 bit operating systems, including Windows X64 Pro. The first thing we noticed was a noticable increase in the processing and startup speed, today bootstraps are relatively fast anyway just from newer, faster CPUs. However; our other 3 computers are older AMD Duron/Athlon configurations and the boot-up speed was very noticably improved. At this point the unthinkable happened, my wife came to me after VIPRE was installed on her machine and thanked me for making the Internet browsing faster. Curiously we tested other units and was impressed by the speed gained in all personal computing activities, including gaming. The days of bloatware were then gone for us, 12 years of slow, agonizing wait times. VIPRE is so easy to install, user friendly, cost effective and takes away all the frustration of slow booting, computing and/or gaming. We provide and administer VIPRE Enterprise for business network security on multiple workstations. We also provide a premium VIPRE for personal computing at the typical home/office. Contact Us for more details. Sunbelt Software was aquired by GFI Software in 2009.